You do not become an artist, you are born an artist. The creativity of the human being takes over the watchword of artistic activity. The design of a photography should fascinate the viewer. Various materials and textures complete the space but the creativity in photography creates the functionality first. On each of my works I try to represent an exclusiveness of fine photography. This complets the design. That´s why my  photography solutions support worldwide many locations.



In my Pop Art Works I try to combine an intense light intensity of architecture with the greatest personalities of all times. I mostly chose the architecturel highlights of Istanbul. The most beautyful and the only city in the world, that was the capitol for two kingdoms. For many an openair museum, for others a place of inspiration.


In my Fine Art Works, I try to reach the highest priority of perspective. Here my target will be reached if the result is only top-class. Catch what others can not catch, see what others can not see, that is the main idea during my shots. 




Insel Hasircioglu

Born 1974 in Izmir. Graduated Faculty of Education teaching of fine arts-Dokuz Eylül University / Izmir. As the son of a visual artist, he was born and raised in art. At the same time he also gives art lessons for the upcoming artists. Insel Hasircioglu lives and works in Cologne. Insel Hasircioglu is also a member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie e.V. (DGPh)